二月のお稽古 December O’keiko

七事式の回り炭をいたします。Mawari-sumi, charcoal arrangement game of Seven Tea Games.

掛物 無事 Buji: Noble person has no news.(Zen word)

花  ヤマモミジ 白侘助 Mountain Maple, white Wabisuke(small modest) camellia


2月の七事式:回り炭 Mawari-sumi, one of Seven Games

Posted on February 7, 2020 at 5:33 PM
Sumi-temae game.  One of Seven Games which Jyoshin-sai, the Omotesenke Iemoto 7th created and introduced.
In the mid 18th Century during the peace and the prosperity of Edo period, Tea population increased and Iemoto had to deal with the new invention of Okeiko practice.  Mawari^sumi is the unique charcoal play for every members.  They are taking turn to play sumi.  The enhance of the play is the matter, not to mention, but the discovery of the individual personality and the tastes are to be found by the members which caused subtle amusement and makes people smile even in the middle of the solemn Okeiko.  Teishu亭主, the leader's role is the most complicated of all the games.

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