二月のお稽古 December O’keiko

七事式の回り炭をいたします。Mawari-sumi, charcoal arrangement game of Seven Tea Games.

掛物 無事 Buji: Noble person has no news.(Zen word)

花  ヤマモミジ 白侘助 Mountain Maple, white Wabisuke(small modest) camellia


六月のお稽古 June Okeiko

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 For the Team members' safty, Okeiko will not open even if the warning of COVID-19 by Tokyo Metropolitan Gov. was over(supposedly 25th of May).  Basically, June Okeiko is off.  
We might have Nodate, open air class,  if the circumstances allowed under the limitted condition. Weather, Face mask, social distance, short class like 30 min., etc. 

May Okeiko Nodate

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5月のお稽古 May O'keiko Practice with COVID-19

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東京都自粛令下のお稽古 Okeiko under the warning of COVID-19 by Tokyo Metropolitan Gov.
三名だけでsocial distance をとって、マスクにて立礼をしました。

We had one Nodate once this month under the fresh green of the maple tree. It was nice.
Three of us, one was a visitor, enjoyed open air tea with our face masks and we kept the social distance.
It seemed very safe.  We shall do this Nodate time to time during this difficult time.  

April classes are closed against coronavirus

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At the moment, classes will be closed against coronavirus. 
Let you know as soon as the situation changes.
Please take care of yourselves, Team. 


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2月後半のお稽古 February Okeiko Practice II

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ひな祭りによせて Hinamatsuri: Arrangement for the Girl's Festival
棚  青漆爪紅二重棚 Tana, Two-storied shelf: Seishitsutsumakkure, Green lacquer with red liners
水指 鼓形 Water Pot: small Noh drum shape and design
茶杓 Tea Spoon: 曲水 Kyoku-sui, The Party for the early March
ひな祭り茶碗 Tea Bowl for the Gierl's Festival
高杯干菓子盆 Higashi, Light Sweets for Usucha, for the Girl's Festival

2月の七事式:回り炭 Mawari-sumi, one of Seven Games

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Sumi-temae game.  One of Seven Games which Jyoshin-sai, the Omotesenke Iemoto 7th created and introduced.
In the mid 18th Century during the peace and the prosperity of Edo period, Tea population increased and Iemoto had to deal with the new invention of Okeiko practice.  Mawari^sumi is the unique charcoal play for every members.  They are taking turn to play sumi.  The enhance of the play is the matter, not to mention, but the discovery of the individual personality and the tastes are to be found by the members which caused subtle amusement and makes people smile even in the middle of the solemn Okeiko.  Teishu亭主, the leader's role is the most complicated of all the games.


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初釜(正午の茶事形式)四時間 Four hours of formal Tea Party
Formal welcome~Sumi Charcoal Session~Kaiseki Full course dinner~Koicha Session~Usucha Session

初釜献立  令和二年一月 於円如意庵

席主 村野宗雪

汁    西京味噌 結び湯葉 黒豆 和辛子


向付   鯛刺身とろろ昆布 二杯酢 稲穂揚げ     酒初献

     ボウフウ 穂紫蘇 菊花


煮物椀  百合根饅頭 銀杏 筍 小豆 枝豆 

車海老 いくら醤油漬け 姫ネギ



焼物   金目鯛西京味噌酒粕焼 



進め鉢  里芋 京人参 キクラゲ(絹さや)梅麩 振り柚子 紫蘇


進め鉢  自家製海老胡麻伊達巻   




       (亭主相伴 中休憩)


箸洗い  梅仕立て 松の実                        


八寸   からすみ 金箔 あんぽ柿 山葵       酒三献


強肴   自家製するめイカ塩辛 金柑 柚子


香の物  金沢かぶら寿司


主菓子  蓬が嶋  虎屋特別注文

2月のお稽古 Feb.Okeiko Practice

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掛物 梅の俳句  Scroll: Haiku Poem of Ume, season's plum blossoms
香合 黄交趾額梅 Kogo Incense Box: Yellow Kochi pottery Ume and warbler in a frame
炉縁 四天王寺 松 Wooden Hearth Frame: Pine Tree from Shiten-no-ji Temple
水指 ねじ梅    Neji-ume, twisted Ume flower design Water Pot
茶碗 備前     Bizen pottery Tea Bowl
替え 万暦 徳泉  Calender design Tea Bowl by Tokusen Nishimura


初釜 1月24,25,26日

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